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Over the past decades institutional libraries and private collections have accumulated a voluminous literature regarding the Solomon Spalding Authorship Theory for the Book of Mormon. There are also numerous old documents which relate to Spalding himself, as well as to his associates, and his period in history. Since it is impractical to transcribe into e-texts even a modest fraction of the existing Spalding-related materials, only a few of the most important of these items have been reproduced and posted to this on-line Library.

In most cases the e-texts available in this "Main Department" of the Library are limited to newer texts, excerpts from lengthier documents or samples from wider collections. Some books and articles featured here are still under copyright, so only short samples from their texts are made available for your consultation. Many more complete and specially relevant texts and graphics are now on-line in the Spalding Studies Special Collections. Numerous other, interrelated documents respecting Solomon Spalding, the Book of Mormon, and Mormon origins can be found on-line at the Mormon Classics E-texts web-site.

- Important Notice -

The e-texts posted in this on-line have been checked for their accuracy in reproducing the contents of their parent documents. While small errors in transcription and formatting are inevitable, the texts themselves are generally reliable. However, these e-texts are not perfect replacements for the originals. Please consult the appropriate research library collections for purposes of exact quotation and for proper bibliographic citation.

The vast majority of these texts and documents are in the public domain. In some instances their originals are the property of public or private library collections and the owners have been informed of their reproduction here. A few of the more recent texts are excerpted from copyrighted published works. These short excerpts are provided as a public service under the "fair use" provisions of the U.S. Code (Copyright Act, Title 17, 107) and similar international copyright agreements. It is not intended that the reproductions posted here infringe in any way upon authors' or publishers' intellectual property rights.

If you come across an excerpt posted to this Library which you feel violates the broad interpretation of general copyright law and practice, please inform the Site Librarian at once, and that item will be abbreviated or paraphrased to insure a full compliance with such law and practice.

Dale R. Broadhurst
Oct. 25, 2000

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On-Line Texts: 1700-1899
  • Bancroft, H. H.
       1889 History of Utah

  • Belisle, Orvilla
       1855 Mormonism Unveiled

  • Cleveland Plain Dealer
       1887 Article on Ethan Smith

  • Creigh, Alfred
       1870, 71 History of Washington Co., PA

  • (no author listed)
       1882 Hist. of Wash. Co.

  • Porter, Samuel F.
       1890? Origin of Book of Mormon

  • Howe, Henry
       1847 Hist. Coll. of Ohio

  • Marryat, Frederick
       1843 Monsieur Violet

  • St. John, Percy B.
       1861 Jessie, the Mormon's Daughter

  • On-Line Texts: 1900-1999
  • Anderson, Arthur A.
       1999 Dark Mormon Beginnings

  • Anderson, Richard L.
       1970 "J. Smith's NY Reputation Reappraised"

  • Anderson, Richard L.
       1991 review of R. I. Anderson book

  • Anderson, Rodger I.
       1990 J. Smith's NY Reputation Reexamined

  • Bales, James D.
       1942 Spalding-BoM parallels list

  • Bales, James D.
       1958 Spalding-BoM parallels

  • Bouissou, Jean C.
       1997 Faith of the Church (RLDS)

  • Brodie, Fawn
       1945 No Man Knows My History

  • Brooke, John L.
       1994 The Refiner's Fire

  • Brown, R. & R.
       1984, 92 The Lie in Wait to Deceive II

  • Bush, Lester
       1977 article on Spalding

  • Consolation Magazine
       1945 article on Spalding-BoM parallels

  • Cross, Whitney R.
       1950 The Burned-Over District

  • DeVoto, Bernard
       1930-36 "Centennial of Mormonism

  • Forrest, Earl L.
       1926 History of Washington Co. PA

  • Fuller, Barney
       1994 Burning of Strange Fire

  • Homans, J. E.
       1915 Case Against Mormonism
       (under constr.)

  • Jackson, Kent P. (ed.)
       1996 Manuscript Found... (BYU ed.)

  • Judd, Mary G.
       1959 Jedediah M. Grant

  • McFarland, Joseph F.
       1910 20th Cent. Hist. of Wash. Co.

  • Martin, Walter
       1962 & 1978 Maze of Mormonism

  • Morgan, Dale L.
       1945 review of Brodie's book

  • Nibley, Hugh
       1959 article on Spalding-BoM parallels

  • Persuitte, David
        1986 Joseph Smith & Origins of BoM

  • Riggs, Michael S.
       1997 Article on Justus Morse

  • Sheldon, Henry C.
       1914 Fourfold Test of Mormonism

  • Smith, Willard C.
       1979 "In the Shadow of Solomon Spalding"

  • Turley, Richard E.
       1992 Victims  (under constr.)

  • Van Wagoner, Richard S.
       1994 Sidney Rigdon

  • Vogel, Dan
       1998 EMD Vol. 2

  • Wayne, John L.
       1946 "Solomon Spaulding's MS"

  • Winwood, Richard I.
       1995 Take Heed... Be Not Deceived

  • On-Line Texts: 2000-2011
  • Adams, Dale W
       2000 D. P. Hurlbut article (excerpts)

  • Knowles, Lloyd A.
       2000 S. Rigdon dissertation (excerpts)
        Rigdon journal article  (both under constr.)

  • Cowdrey, Wayne L., et al.
       2000 The Spalding Enigma (CD-ROM)

  • Brown, Matthew B.
       2003 "Ask the Apologist" -- Spalding etc.
       2003 Plates of Gold  (under constr.)

  • Walker, Ronald W. et al.
       2001 Mormon History

  • Givens, Terryl L.
       2002 By the Hand of Mormon

  • Mitton, George L.
       2004 "Anti-Mormon Writings"

  • Grua, David W. 2005
     "Joseph Smith & the 1834 DP Hurlbut Case"
       (under constr. at "Crisis at Kirtland" site)

  • Peterson, Daniel C.
       2004 "Hope that Something will Stick"
       (under constr.)

  • Cowdrey, Wayne L., et al.
       2005 Who Really Wrote the BoM?

  • Criddle, Craig
       2005-09 "Sidney Rigdon"  (off site)

  • Morgan, Willard
       2005 Keystone or Millstone?

  • Roper, Matthew P.
       2005 "Mythical 'Manuscript Found'"

  • Bushman, Richard L.
       2005 JS: Rough Stone Rolling

  • FAIRwiki editors
       2006 Spalding Authorship Claims page

  • Vanick & Cowdery
       2006 Spalding Claims video

  • Morris, Daniel
       2008 Grave Cr. Connections

  • Jockers, Witten & Criddle
       2008 "Reassessing Authorship of BoM"

  • R. Hancock
       2009 "Unraveling S/R Theory"  (off site)

  • Criddle, Craig
       2009 "Narrative for BoM"  (under constr.)

  • Tanner, Jerald & Sandra
       2010 Joseph Smith's Plagiarism
  •     (under constr.)

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