Not all of the information and resource material collected for posting at the Spalding Studies web-site is currently in a form suitable for finished web-publication. Unfinished articles, preliminary reports of ongoing research, and other "work in progress" may be found in this section of the site. As thesevarious items are finalized many will be moved to other spots on the web. Whenever this is done a link to the finished item will remain here for several weeks after its removal.

Your input and suggestions are sincerely solicited. If you spot obvious errors, broken links, etc., please contact the site host to share your suggestions, as well as any additionsyou may be able to send in.

Most of the materials selected for posting in this section are files prepared for the Spalding Research Project (SRP). Please check back from time to time, for file updates.

The unfinished Sidney Rigdon article previously posted here is being moved to a new location at the web-site.

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last updated: Apr. 3, 2006