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Links below are to archive.org web-pages or SolomonSpalding.com reproductions

General Studies

  • Book of Mormon Studies Home Page  (archive.org)
    Archived copy of this web-page from Feb. 7, 2008

  • Book of Mormon Parallels   (4 pages @ archive.org)
    Parallels with the Bible, Roman history, and other sources

  • Book of Mormon Geography   (3 pages @ archive.org)
    Interpretations and a new solution, including Maps

  • The Revised Book of Mormon   (2 pages @ archive.org)
    Internal evidence that the original manuscript was altered

  • Seer and Translator   (4 pages @ archive.org)
    Joseph Smith's other writings,
    including the Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar

  • Doctrinal Parallels   (3 pages @ archive.org)
    Theology, cosmology, high priesthood, and temple rites

  • Book of Mormon Authorship   (4 pages - recreations)
    Weighing the evidence, including parallels with the Spalding manuscript

  • Indian Origins   (1 page @ archive.org)
    Theories and speculation

  • Recent Defenses of the Book of Mormon   (2 pages @ archive.org)
    A look at FARMS research

  • Evidence from the Book of Mormon Manuscript   (1 page @ archive.org)
    Dictated or copied? What the evidence shows.

  • Finding the Bible in the Book of Mormon   (1 page @ archive.org)
    Biblical phrases abound in the Book of Mormon

  • Joseph Smith's Visions   (3 pages @ archive.org)
    A comparison of accounts by Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery

  • Spalding Studies

  • The Manuscript Story   (updated version)
    1886 LDS text of Solomon Spalding's manuscript

  • Statements of Witnesses   (updated version)
    As originally published by E. D. Howe

  • Matilda Spalding Revisited
    Is she a credible witness?

  • Another Spalding Fragment
    Proof that Sidney Rigdon possessed a Spalding manuscript

  • Solomon Spalding and Revisionist History
    The removal of Spalding from Mormon history

  • Broadhurst's Spalding Authorship Items
    Spalding/Book of Mormon textual parallels,
    plus an important study of unique word parallels

  • Criddle's "Sidney Rigdon: Creating the Book of Mormon"   (updated version)
    Evidence of Rigdon's involvement in Book of Mormon authorship

  • Early American Influences on the Book of Mormon
    Author: Thomas Donofrio
    Historical and religious sources

  • Quakers and Ammonites
    More Warren parallels

  • Alma 42 and the Atonement
    Anselm's interpretation of the atonement in the Book of Mormon

  • Spalding Notes
    Vocabulary similarities between the Spalding MS and the Egyptian Alphabet & Grammar
    Name construction in the Spalding MS compared to the Book of Mormon

  • The Spalding Enigma
    Book Review

  • Joseph Smith and the Origins of the Book of Mormon
    Book Review

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